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A Whole New World: Part II

(( Here’s a few more of our favorite ladies. :) Thanks for all of the support everyone! ))

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Impulse #1

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mask of Robin


mask of Robin

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Teens Titans vs. Young Justice
Teen Titans caps by grande caps
EDIT → added Slade, Mal, Psimon, Mammoth, and the Brain. 

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10 First-World Anarchists Who Don’t Care About Your Rules 

The world relies on rules and regulations to run in an orderly fashion. But there’s a few people out there who are rebels. They won’t follow your rules – they’re their own masters. This post is for the first-world anarchists – the revolutionaries who don’t care about your rules.

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this is as much of a family portrait as it gets

this is as much of a family portrait as it gets

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